Transportation Of Wide Mast Section

Project details

In 2021, TLS successfully delivered  ODC shipment from a supplier within Jebel Ali FZE (UAE) to Jebel Ali port (UAE).

Cargo dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 21.0 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 9.0 (H) in m
  • Weight: 126 Tons
  • Transit Time: 1 Day

Equipment and methods used

  • 12 Axle lines 4 file (side by side) configuration trailer

Process Involved

The ODC transportation included route survey, method of statement with transport engineering study and calculations, route modifications, street furniture removals, permits for transportation, port entry permissions, customs clearances and 10 nos. of mast sections transportation to port using hydraulic axles and low bed trailers.