“Our employees are our biggest strength in delivering
premium solutions to our clients.”

At Three Lines Shipping, we believe that our business is people-centric and organisation can only grow if we empower our people and offer them space to develop into effective leaders with strong values of honesty, simplicity and commitment. This helps us in building trust with our customers as our services are integrated into their business and we function as external partner for internal logistics processes.

Our corporate team comprises of highly talented, experienced and proficient leaders who believe in providing efficient solutions to the customers, beyond comparison. The team augments its position from strength to strength and constantly adds value to our services, thereby assuring high level of customer satisfaction with long term relationship.

Always striving to meet the customer’s satisfaction standards, Three Lines Shipping has reached the pinnacle of excellence. We enable the growth of your business with the cost-effective solutions tailor made for your business

We offer best-in-class solutions designed to increase the efficiency of our customer’s logistics operations. We strongly believe that Information Technology is a great enabler in increasing visibility and timely flow of information. Our investments in Information Technology have allowed us to develop the systems & processes that help our customers to have real time visibility of their goods while they are on the move.

We leverage our extensive network in GCC and globally, to help our customers in minimizing their investment in infrastructure and increasing their focus on their core competencies while leaving their logistics needs in our safe hands.

I would like to close by saying that we are firm believers of long-term relationships with our customers, employees, business partners and investors. We want our customers to benefit from the solutions that we offer them. We like to keep our employees satisfied with the opportunities for their growth and development in the organisation and help our business partners grow through better engagement in our growth plans.

We also want our investors to remain secured with their investments in Three Lines Shipping, as we adhere to the highest level of financial and corporate governance and deliver reasonable return on the capital employed.


Founder Chairman