Surface Transportation

Whether you need to send a small package, a large consignment, or manage over-dimensional cargo, Three Lines Shipping is your comprehensive solution provider among the top container transport companies in dubai.

At Three Lines Shipping, we understand the importance of safety and timelines in surface logistics. With our fleet of trailers, we provide secure, fast and reliable transportation of the goods.

Three Lines Shipping stands out among the prominent land freight companies in dubai, offering services that perfectly match the evolving demands of the industry. Our land transport services in Dubai guarantee absolute customer satisfaction by prioritizing safety, on-time delivery, and cost efficiency. Our commitment to clear and time-definite schedules, along with comprehensive notifications at every stage, ensures complete shipment visibility for our clients.

Our LTL services and FTL services have garnered recognition from our customers, establishing Three Lines Shipping as one of the premier logistics providers among all land transport companies in Dubai. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient and dependable transportation services.

Vehicles used by us are of a high standard and are operated by trained staff, who are dedicated to transport your cargo safely while following all the compliances and road safety measures.

We Offer:
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) shipping across middle east
  • Less than truck load (LTL) consolidation across GCC
  • Transportation of over-dimensional cargo
  • Multi-modal transportation by road/rail
  • Specialized vehicles for heavy consignment transportation
  • Route analysis for oversized and heavy cargo
  • To arrange all transportation permits
  • End to End custom clearance and documentation
  • Tailored insurance coverage for your freight (if requested)
  • Warehousing and packing options
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Surface cargo refers to goods and commodities that are transported over land, typically by trucks and trains, or through ocean routes via ships. This strictly terrestrial mode of transportation is critical for global logistics owing to proven safety and cost-effectiveness in transporting bulk items.

Being versatile and cost effective, the uses of land transport in socio-economic and personal sectors are multifaceted. It basically includes everything from public transportation and personal commuting to goods distribution, freight transport, ecommerce, logistics / supply chain, emergency services and more via roadways.  

Air transport is the fastest means of transportation with commercial jets topping the list in comparison with the land and sea counterparts. Air transportation is also highly reliable with cargo arriving safely and timely at destination with near-perfect success rate.  

Roadways and railways are the most common types of land transport. At present, road transport shoulders the highest volume of freight and passenger movement, while railway ranks a close second.