Over Dimensional Cargo

Over dimensional cargo services is our core specialty service. We rank among a very few of such specialized service providers. We seized the first opportunity to accommodate an Out of Gauge Cargo into In Gauge thus marking its entry in ODC project division.

Three Lines plays a key role in the transportation of over dimensional cargo by road all over Dubai. This was possible by leasing ODC trucks as required and by deploying its own dedicated team to conduct road survey to give expertise suggestions for smooth movement of the ODC cargos.

Over dimensional cargo movement is always handled with complete and careful coordination keeping in mind project schedules as well as all other potential aspects. 

We Offer:
  • Customized solutions for over dimensional, heavy and bulky cargo
  • Arrangements for over-dimensional cargo (large equipment and machinery) to move overseas while lashed and choked on flat racks or open-top containers
  • Specialized heavy lift forklifts for over-dimensional loads travelling over the road
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What Is The Size Of ODC Cargo?

Every nation has different size limits for ODC cargo. For example, in India, any cargo that exceeds length of 12m, width of 2.6m, height of 3.8m and weight of 40tons can be categorized as over dimensional. (How do I Answer this without Numbers)?

What Is The Meaning Of ODC Cargo?

ODC cargo stands for Over Dimensional Cargo. Any cargo that exceeds the dimensional and weight limit of the carrier vehicles fall into this category. OCD cargo is often divided into A-class, B-class and C-class in ascending order of their net and gross clearance.

What Is Odc Limit?

ODC cargo limit sets the permissible net / gross clearance in terms of length, breadth, height and weight of the cargo. These limits are specified by the governments of individual nations to ensure safe movement of ODC carriers and other vehicles plying in the same route. 

What Is A Warehouse ODC?

Warehouse ODC generally refers to specialized warehousing infrastructure dedicated to storing and managing over dimensional cargo. Specialized storage areas, oversized doors / entrances, handling equipment, customized racking systems, regulatory compliances and unique safety measures form an integral part of warehouse ODC.