Break Bulk Services

Often Break Bulk Cargo is used to transport the cargo or goods that are not able to fit in the standard size containers. The equipment used in shipping these can prove extremely expensive. But with tenacious stevedoring partners located in key transport hubs around the world, Three Lines Shipping is often able to negotiate space on conventional vessels for break bulk, dramatically reducing costs whilst providing reliable break bulk services.

This kind of undertaking requires determination and commitment, as well as solid knowledge of specific ports and shipping lines. Often creative thinking can solve bulk cargo shipping problems. Our competitors will often apply the most obvious solution to difficult shipments whilst we will look for the most effective and logical solution.

The total cost of transporting goods from one place to another depends to a maximum extent on cargo handling expenses. In breakbulk cargo handling, cargo is handled manually on several occasions and then again assembled categorically in the warehouse. We, at Three Lines Shipping are well versed with breakbulk cargo handling and handle it manually without errors so that our customer incur minimum expenses to transport their consignments by sea.

We Offer:
  • Cost efficient and highly professional cargo handling
  • Efficient tally and supervision of cargo discharge/load
  • Competitive rates
  • Continuous management at every stage of the shipment
  • Tie-downs and locked loads
  • Freight recovery services
  • Hazardous shipment handling
  • Oversize / Overweight cargo handling
  • Special permit requirements
  • Charter services
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What Is An Example Of A Breakbulk?

Gas equipment, construction machinery, windmills, generators, propellers, oversized generators etc. are common examples of breakbulk. Generally, these are non-containerized project cargos that need to be dismantled into smaller components so that they can fit into the carrier vessel directly without the need of containers. 

What Is A Breakbulk Services?

Breakbulk services refer to comprehensive logistics and technical support offered by professional logistics / shipping companies dedicated towards effective, timely and damage-free transportation of heavyweight, odd sized cargo via road, rail, sea, air or intermodal freight. 

What Is A Breakbulk Cargo Size?
  • Breakbulk cargo sizes as per their categories are –

    • project cargo, which usually weighs 100 – 1000 tons; 
    • heavy lift cargo, that measures over a 100 meters in height / width and weighs over 100tons and, 
    • out of gauge cargo, that comprises of cargo with length over 12.05meters, width of over 2.33 meters and height of over 2.59 meters.

    Cargo cranes, side-shifters, elevators, belt conveyors, side loading system with conveyors, quay, floating cranes, heavy lift trailers, forklifts, pallet jacks, cargo lifts and swings etc. are common breakbulk cargo equipment used today. Special customized equipment systems may also be engineered for special consignments.

    Breakbulk cargo handling process involves –

    • End-to-end project assessment 
    • Route planning / optimization
    • Specialized / customized equipment 
    • Heavily customized packaging 
    • Customs / permits / compliances
    • Seamless communication between all stakeholders
    • Transportation planning
    • Loading / unloading / installation
    • Reporting and documentation