Heavy Lift

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Heavy Lift Transportation is a detailed engineering procedure where every detail needs to be factored in for a safe and secure transportation. 

The heavy lift transportation is carried out seamlessly by our team of highly experienced professionals, dedicated wholly and solely to your project. We at Three Lines Shipping have a successful track record of handling super heavy lift transportation with required & relevant experience, equipment & manpower.

We Offer:
  • Overland Cargo, Over-dimensional, Overweight, Oversized cargo
  • Well equipped and effective infrastructure facilities 
  • Experienced and specialized personnel
  • Full range of material handling equipment such as cranes, lighters, heavy lift cargo trucks for sea and overland operations
  • Risk assessment (weather, route, cargo etc)
  • Best freight/transporters compatible with the project
  • Assessment and execution of complex multi-discipline lift and transport plans
  • Faultless loadout
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