Transportation Of Demethanizer From Fujairah Fze To Fujairah Port

Project details

In 2019, TLS successfully delivered another challenging ODC shipment from the supplier yard at Fujairah FZE to Fujairah port (UAE)

Cargo dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions: 60.50(L) x 4.1(W) x4.8(H) in metres  
  • Weight: 190 tonnes

Equipment and methods used

  • 32 x Axle lines conventional hydraulic trailer
  • 1 x 500 tons to 1 x 300 tons capacity mobile cranes

Process involved

This transportation includes route survey, method of statement with transport engineering study and calculations, route modifications, street furniture removals, stooling at the port, crane handling operations including lifting study, permits for transportation and crane handling operation, risk assessments, customs clearances and 3 x ODC cargo transportation to the port.

Challenges involved

Limited access routes and congested turning areas inside the FZE.

Solution provided

Due to the complexity of the cargo dimension and handling, we had opted a different pattern from the conventional method and shifted the cargo over the FZE boundary wall using 1 x 500 tons & 1 x 300 tons capacity mobile cranes (from trailer to trailer).

Another Demethanizer also lifted and shifted over the FZE boundary wall using the mobile cranes and kept it on steel stool supports temporarily. Hydraulic conventional trailers used for the transportation has the ability to raise and lower mechanically using their hydraulic suspension system, hence after the delivery of 1st demathaniser at the port the same trailer has been used for the transportation of 2nd demathaniser.

Access to port from FZE was modified, bypass had been developed, some signboards, and lamp posts had been removed due to insufficient turning radius for manoeuvring the 60 m long cargo using 32 axle lines. All permissions, NOCs from FZE authorities & port authorities for removing street furniture, developing bypass route and crane handling at FZE had been obtained in a short time and cargo was delivered as per the schedule given by the client.