Air Freight

Air cargo services provided by Three Lines shipping go beyond conventional offerings. Our solutions are customized specifically to your requirements. We offer flexible and personalized air freight services, making air transport customer friendly. Thanks to our wide resource network and professional team, we can reach a wide gamut of locations anywhere across the globe to deliver your shipment within a defined timeframe.

Our personalized air freight services make sure to deliver the shipments within cost economics. Alongside, with an excellent network of operators who are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, we promise a timely delivery of goods to the desired destination. Our team and associates have expert knowledge of customs regulations and import-export restrictions being followed worldwide. They always take extra care to air freight your goods smoothly irrespective of size, shape or destination.

Three Lines global airline partnerships offer effective pricing, transit time, space allocations, lift capacity of carriers on major trade lanes and add efficiency in the supply chain of our customers.

We Offer:
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Worldwide consolidation services
  • Vendor management
  • Export and import customs clearance
  • In-house export standard packaging
  • Warehousing and repacking options
  • Documentation management
  • Tailored insurance coverage for your LTL (if requested)
  • Safe handling of general cargo / perishable cargo
  • Shipment notifications on pickups and delivery with POD (proof of delivery)
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What Are The 3 Main Types Of Air Cargo Service Providers?

3 main types of air cargo service providers are –

  • Airfreight Carrier – These are the airlines that operate dedicated cargo aircraft for transporting goods.
  • Freight Forwarders – These are logistics companies that arrange the transportation of goods on behalf of shippers.
  • Integrators – These are companies that provide integrated logistics solutions, often combining air transportation with other modes of transport and logistics services.
What Are The Duties Of Air Cargo Agent?

Air cargo agents are responsible for safe, timely and cost-effective transportation of goods via air ways. Booking and reservation, cargo handling and inspection, documentation and customs, updates and communication with stake holders, cargo monitoring / handling, coordination with ground services, customer service and problem resolution feature as their primary duties.

What Is The Process Of Air Cargo?

Air cargo processes may often differ based on the nature of cargo. However, the core process usually includes, booking and reservation, documentation, cargo acceptance, security screening, loading into aircraft, air transportation, ground handling and customs clearance at destination, delivery to consignee, tracking and reporting. 

Who Uses Air Cargo?

Air cargo is primarily used by entities that need to ship goods, mainly perishables like, food, flowers and pharmaceuticals, over long distances within 24hrs to 48hours. Besides retailers and pharmaceutical companies, air cargo is also used by electronic / tech companies, fashion / apparel industry, automotive industries and more. 

What Are The Advantages Of Air Cargo Services?

Speed, reliability, global reach, reduced lead time, reduced chances of pilferage during transit, just-in-time inventory management, reduced packaging requirements, consistent conditions, flexibility, increased ability to place orders-on-demand, easy tracking of shipment while in transit and high level security are the top advantages of air cargo.